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A sequel from Barış Çapkın: “Görsen Üzülürsün”

Barış Çapkın released his latest work, ” Görsen Üzülürsün” under OnAir Sahne label which he has been working with for a long time.

From the album cover to the feeling of the song, ‘’Görsen Üzülürsün’’ is a continuation of the artist’s previous song ‘’Ağladım içime’’ . According to Barış Çapkın, the song appears as a production whose details have been thought through very carefully.

Barış Çapkın tells the story of his song as follows:

“In my song called ‘’Ağladım İçime’’ , I talked about the sadness that we can only talk to ourselves and look for the answers in ourselves.. ‘’Görsen Üzülürsün’’ is a continuation of this story. We are not looking for answers anymore, we accept everyting as they are and we do not feel sorry for ourselves.

We do not think about who? What? Why etc. Thus, we feel happy, and those who see us happy get upset instead of being happy for us. This is exactly what I am talking about in ‘’Görsen Üzülürsün’’. A song that tells we do not care about those who are sad that we are happy.’’

Not only the story, but the cover of the song is also a continuation of the previus one. Both songs’ covers which have the Mr. Boyacı’s signature are designed to complement each other.

Mr. Boyaci moved the woman figure from ‘’Ağladım İçime’’ to the new song. Barış Çapkın sums the reflections of both covers’ emotions up by saying: ‘’ While we are completely within the main factor in one of the covers, we have moved away from the main factor in the other and highlighted our own value.’’

Söz ve müziği Barış Çapkın’a ait olan “Görsen Üzülürsün”, sade, güçlü ve vokallere yol veren bir altyapıya sahip. Vokallerin ve vokallerdeki hissiyatın daha ön planda olduğu şarkının kayıt, düzenleme ve mix işlemleri Barış Çapkın, masteringi ise Selim Sayarı tarafından yapıldı. 

Barış Çapkın’s original ‘’Görsen Üzülürsün’’ has a simple and powerful infrastructure which highlights the vocals and the feel of them. Recording, editing and mixing was done by Barış Çapkın, and mastering by Selim Sayarı.

You can listen to Barış Çapkın’s new song, “Görsen Üzüldür”, which is included in Spotify New Music Turkey, Apple Music Turkey’s New of the Day and Fizy Latest (Domestic) Charts, on digital music services, and you can watch its clip, prepared in kinetic typography format, on OnAir Sahne YouTube channel.

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