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Ayşenur Şentürk’s “Introspection” exhibition is at Mixer

Following her graduation from the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Şentürk is delving into the realms of her inner world to explore her artistic individuality beyond her formal education in fine arts. The exhibition Introspection will take place between the 10th of June 2022 and 30th of July 2022 at Mixer’s project room.

Choosing to follow her own intuition to guide herself beyond the limits of her academic training as an artist, Şentürk’s paintings are filled with lines, shapes and colors that reflect her intuitive introspection. Through the exhibition the viewers are invited to navigate themselves in this private voyage and its mystical scenes.

Even though Şentürk’s paintings belong to the same aesthetic realm alongside the old masters’ paintings she admires, the hallmark of her paintings come from the depictions of the scenes she pulls out of her psyche. Apart from depicting the chaotic or lofty mythological scenes or aesthetically perfected narrations from the Bible that make up the subject matter of many old masters, Şentürk seeks within herself to bring forth new worlds into the one we live in. In other worlds, she endows us with the scenes from her own inner Odyssey.  

When we have a look at John William Waterhouse’s acclaimed painting Odysseus and the Sirens, it is seen that Waterhouse depicts the famous scene from Homer’s Odyssey with an artistic expression that is readily available to an audience that is familiar with this epic novel. Apart from her aesthetic expression that signals her appreciation of the techniques and aesthetic language of the old masters, the scenes and the intricate landscapes filled with the alien beings and uncharted lands of her inner world sets her works of art apart from her artistic predecessors. Being brave enough to seek into her soul and delve into a realm that she never tapped in before, Şentürk shares her own inner Odyssey though her paintings that are brought forth from her journeys into the depths of her psyche. Being pulled into this personal Introspection, we as the audience are similarly prompted to explore the depths of our being as we ponder upon these captivating scenes of Şentürk’s brilliant artistry.

Ayşenur Şentürk’s first solo exhibition Introspection is open to visitors from the 10th of June 2022 to 30th of July 2022 at Mixer project room from Tuesday to Saturday.

1. Ayşenur Şentürk, untitled (detail), oil on linen canvas, 81,5 x 64,5 cm, 2022

2. Ayşenur Şentürk, untitled (detail), oil on linen canvas, 55×35 cm, 2022

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