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Barış Çapkın’s new song that touches our feelings: “Ağladım İçime”

Barış Çapkın released the song “Ağladım İçime” from OnAir Sahne.

Barış Çapkın sincerely shares sections from his emotional world with “Ağladım İçime”, the lyrics and composition of which belongs to him.

“Ağladım İçime” consists of sad vocals sung on a dynamic musical background. Çapkın tells about his experiences in the fast-paced journey of life. The sadness in the lyrics and interpretation of the song draws attention.

While describing his song, Barış Çapkın states that he is inspired by “the sadness that we can only talk to ourselves and the answers we seek in ourselves”.

A music video was shot by Yunus Sönmezay for the song “Ağladım İçime”. Barış Çapkın, who plays a role in the clip, plays a character who collects people’s stories while traveling in his classic car.

Performing the recording, editing and mixing processes in his own studio, the artist collaborated with Selim Sayarı in the mastering process. The cover design of the song also belongs to Tahir Keskin.

Barış Çapkın was previously known for his collaborations and project works with groups such as Peyk, and the artist continues his solo journey.

You can reach the song “Ağladım İçime” on all digital platforms and its clip on OnAir Sahne YouTube channel.

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