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Cemal Demir’s “Here in Between” Exhibition Meets Art Lovers at Gru Art Gallery on October 28

Gru Art Gallery is hosting artist Cemal Demir’s exhibition titled ‘Here in Between’ between 28 October – 19 December. The artist’s solo exhibition presents a collection of his abstract and figurative works produced between 1996 and 2019.

Demir’s artistic production proceeds along two main lines: his figurative paintings, where histechnical proficiency is clearly revealed, and his abstract works where he explores the supremacy of image representation. The dramatic use of light in the artist’s figurative works and his extraordinary framing reveal a cinematic and theatrical narrative in his paintings. Moments drawn and illustrated from a story give the viewer an ongoing sense of tension along with a mysterious feeling developing from a universe of possibilities. This tension, which activates imagination and sense of curiosity, offers the audience the opportunity to combine the pieces through competently constructed images.

The abstract works of the artist, produced mostly by using a monochrome palette, are in an improvised flow that obscure the existence boundaries of the image, diverging from the fictional language of his figurative works.

Although the stories that the artist works on vary periodically, each story continues to carryCemal Demir’s unique artistic language. ‘Here in Between’ can be visited at Gru Art Gallery until 19 December.

About Gru Art Gallery

GRU Art Gallery opened in February 2021 in Urla. Aiming to create a collection where artistsfrom different disciplines and with different aesthetic concerns can take place together, GRU is established as a contemporary art gallery that supports independence, polyphony, andshareability in art. Coming to the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, GRU approaches art from an innovative perspective, keeping in mind the links of current practices with the past and reflecting on today’s dynamics. In its approach to providing the necessary economic conditions for artists to continue their independent creation and to the concept of affordability in art, GRU adopts an art lover-friendly and artist-friendly gallery operating structure as a principle. GRU is pleased to have created a space in its local address Urla, where contemporary art can meet with the audience in the region and qualified artworks are exhibited.

Gru Art Gallery

Yenice Mah., Park Sk. No: 8/4-5 Urla, Izmir, Turkey
+90 531 261 70 04

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