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Contemporary Asian Art at Upcoming Contemporary Istanbul

In the 17th edition of Contemporary Istanbul, Contemporary Asian Art will also be exhibited along with the works of international artists from all over the world. Taiwanese-Turkish artist Melek Anqi Kocasinan will be among the East Asian artists whose works will be exhibited at the fair at AB Gallery Korea.

The 17th edition of Turkey’s leading international art fair, Contemporary Istanbul, will take place on 17-22 September at the historic Ottoman shipyard Tersane Istanbul with the participation of distinguished international and local galleries. Melek Anqi’s “Ethereal Sensations” series will also be exhibited at AB Gallery Korea, along with works by other Asian artists representing Contemporary Asian Art.

In recent years, Asian artists have increased international presence and attracted collectors worldwide. There is a rising global demand for Modern and Contemporary Asian Art from US to Europe, not just limited to Asian collectors.

AB Gallery Korea is attending Contemporary Istanbul this year with the works of 11 East Asian artists. Turkish-Taiwanese artist Melek Anqi Kocasinan, who held her first exhibition in Turkey last year, is among the artists who will attend the fair with AB Gallery.

Melek Kocasinan -  Celestial Sensation
Melek Anqi Kocasinan – Celestial Sensation

Influenced by Traditional Chinese Painting

Taiwanese Turkish artist Melek Anqi Kocasinan, whose works were last exhibited in New York in June, focuses on the experience of “interoception”, which is the awareness of bodily sensations, in her latest series “Ethereal Sensations / Celestial Sensations”. The colorful visual culture of Asia, where the artist spent her childhood, shows its influence in her works with the use of unlikely color combinations. In this series, the artist reinterprets the compositions seen in Traditional Chinese landscape painting and the use of empty space that frees the imagination of the viewer. Visualizing bodily sensations as shiny, voluminous, semi-liquid forms floating in space, the artist creates a otherworldy atmosphere by constructing the earthly and limited space of the body as a colorful and vast background.

Melek Kocasinan - Heavenly Bodies
Melek Anqi Kocasinan – Heavenly Bodies

Contemporary Asian Art is On Demand

The interest in Contemporary Asian Art has increased globally in recent years. The biennials, exhibitions, art fairs and Asian branches of famous auction houses and galleries established in the region have increased the visibility of the Asian art market in the international art market. The rich histories and cultural backgrounds of Asian countries enable the emergence of different and sophisticated artworks. More works by Asian artists are exhibited in major galleries in the West, such as the Guggenheim.

The Asian art market has become important for both Asian and non-Asian artists. Although the interest in Asian artists has increased gradually in the last 20 years, there are still many artists to be discovered and whose works are predicted to appreciate in value. Since the Asian art market is more economically accessible than the Western art market, it is considered an ideal time for collecting. This makes investment in Asian art more attractive to collectors and makes the Contemporary Asian Art market one of the most exciting art markets in the world.

Apart from the interest of Western collectors, the new generation of Asian collectors are also interested in artists from the East and Southeast Asia regions. In the global art market, we see an increasing influence of Asian collectors. With the strengthening of the regional economy, the purchasing power of Asian collectors increased. Asian customers accounted for one-third of the 2020 sales of three famous auction companies Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips. In addition, the enriched Asian collectors began to direct not only Asian but also global trends and artists in focus.

Melek Kocasinan - Ascension
Melek Anqi Kocasinan – Ascension

Artists participating with AB Gallery Korea in Contemporary Istanbul 17th Edition:

Becci Kim, Hyunsuk Kim, Jeamin Seung, Siyoung Yang, Sang-Chul Won, Bl.ue Rhee, Kuk-taek Chung, Soon-Kyum Jung, Buyong Hwang, Melek Anqi Kocasinan


Melek Anqi is a Turkish-Taiwanese contemporary artist known for her vibrant mixed media and digital artwork. She lived in Taiwan and Turkey in her childhood and received her higher education in the US (Yale University, MA). Melek Anqi tells compelling visual stories with elements from Asian culture and her own personal mythology. Her artwork is featured in Robb Report, Central News Agency (CNA Taiwan), Taiwan Ministry of Culture website, Elle magazine, Anadolu News Agency (AA, Turkey), United Daily News Group, Para (Money) magazine and Art Emperor. Her most recent “Ethereal Sensations” abstract series explore the theme of interoception—awareness of bodily sensations. Using traditional materials (paint, ink, canvas) and digital tools together the artist creates otherworldly “physi-digital” artworks.

Artist Contact Info:


IG: @melekanqi_art


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