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Den Art Gallery is hosting the exhibition called Flanör

Flaneur’s are busy with making sense of themselves in the world of capitalism and modernism, they wander the city, but stay away from it’s citizens and feed on this contradiction. In Walter Benjamin’s description, flaneurs wander through crowds turning their backs on them; because a flaneur also has an individualistic structure and builds their own inner world. In this sense, they do not want to experience the individual effects of modernity and the system, therefore keep their distance from it. However, the address they go to, to make sense of themselves is again modernity and the system itself.

We, the artists of Flaneur, feel uneasy in the society we live in. We build upon the reflections of the moments we spend on the streets through touching other lives and observing them. We have different production practices but meet on a common ground as we observe the streets. The concept that unites us in a common area is this state of being flaneur.

We are alone in the crowd and here we are…

Şerwan & Ali Yerli

The exhibition can be visited until June 4, 2022.

Address: Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi No: 51A Antalya/ Turkey

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