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Emotional Song by Ufuk Sağın: “Sadece Bir Gece”

Ufuk Sağın has released his new single ” Sadece Bir Gece” with On Air Music Co. label.

Ufuk Sağın, who is mostly known for his rock songs with English lyrics, meets music lovers this time with a song with Turkish lyrics. The lyrics of the song are written by the author Gülşah Elikbank and the music of the song is written by Ufuk Sağın and the mix – mastering of the song was done by İbrahim Ünverdi.

Ufuk Sağın makes the following explanation for his new work ” Sadece Bir Gece”:

“We continued our conversation with Ms. Elikbank after the project “Aşıklar Gece Ölür” (Lovers Die at Night) and in the summer of 2022 she showed me her poem “‘Sadece Bir Gece” (Only One Night). The lyrics were very beautiful and we wondered if we could do another project. After finishing the basic structure of the song, we started recording with İbrahim Ünverdi, the guitarist of my band, and in that process we made new additions and prepared the final version. I think it was a beautiful collective work. I hope our listeners share the same feelings with us.”

Author Gülşah Elikbank, who was also involved in the music world last year with her special project “Aşıklar Gece Ölür” Novel Soundtrack, where she combined literature and music, wrote the lyrics for ” Sadece Bir Gece”: “The lines I wrote with the desire to be oneself for just one night in such a time, to be able to offer one’s heart to someone without fear, and to be able to integrate; Ufuk was also inspired by them. In fact, these are the lyrics I wrote for my new book “Delirmiş Evrenin Ortasında (In the Middle of the Mad Universe)”, which I dedicated to the “New Normal People of the New Age” and which will be published soon… With Ufuk Sağın, it turned into an emotional rock song.”

You can listen to “Sadece Bir Gece” on digital music platforms:
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