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Energy That Touches the Emotions: Cosmic Crooner Passed From Istanbul!

Sometimes you hear a song and it drifts away from where you are, turning the flow of the day into a completely different perspective with the melody engraved in your memory. in the 37 degree heat,  Dutch Cosmic Crooner, whom I discovered when I took refuge in Spotify on my return to a Heybeliada where I was trying to get away from the noise in the crowd and enjoy the sea, met with Istanbul music lovers for the first time on November 3rd as part of the Mix Festival organized by Zorlu PSM.

As soon as I started listening to the velvet voice, I started navigating the axis of tranquility as I moved on to the other pieces of the artist I met with the ‘Bolero’ piece, which had an influence on both its melody and lyrics. the clips accompanying the musician’s songs, which offer musical experiences in taste that have reached today by blowing from the 60s to the 70s and also reflect this in his style, contain scenes that have almost jumped out of paintings. Each clip, which makes you feel as if you are in a dream world while watching, makes you feel the artist’s unique style to the fullest.

Cosmic Crooner

Cosmic Crooner, who took the stage at Zorlu PSM with the song Deep Down in Jazz, put on an unforgettable show. The artist, accompanied by the audience with enthusiasm throughout his performance, gave his fans an unforgettable night.

While the cosmic man was in Istanbul, I asked him what I was curious about in order to introduce the artist, whose audience I believe will expand like a snowball, to Gazete Sanat World readers.

How is your mood and your relationship with music these days?

I like that music is becoming more and more accessible these days. I think it’s a great thing to be able to access a desired song instantly. Of course, there is also a disadvantage to this; People no longer have the attention span to listen to albums. Additionally, I fear that more people will become addicted to the algorithm.

What are your sources of inspiration that enable you to write such emotional songs?

I have many topics that inspire me, but primarily I draw from music, film, literature and, of course, life itself. In terms of music, cinema and literature, I like to move to a different place and escape from life. If a song gives me the opportunity to escape from life and stay in the moment, I will happily listen to that song over and over again. I’ve been listening to Jorge Ben Jor a lot these days. If you haven’t heard of it, please check it out. It will definitely open a door of inspiration for you in your daily life.

Cosmic Crooner

In today’s world where every step has become ordinary, you direct your listeners to deeper emotions with your style. In this sense, how would you define your style?

My style is actually a reflection of my inspirations. It’s hard to describe, but I’ll try: Alain Delon in the Dario Argento movie…

What do you think about the music style of Amsterdam, the city you live in? Has this historical background affected your musical style?

Amsterdam is a great city to live. My favorite days consist of wandering around the city and going to my favorite cafes. Of course, we can say that Amsterdam influenced me while writing my songs. But Amsterdam’s ‘music style’ is not something I can relate to. As you know, Amsterdam’s electronic music scene is quite large and this style is not really for me.

Can you tell us about your process of finding your own style?

This process is still ongoing and I hope it will continue forever. I am always looking for inspiration in life. If you don’t get inspired by life, what’s left? So I will always do my best to stay inspired.

What do you think is the part of you that reaches you to the masses and that you call ‘it’?

I hope it’s just my sense of humor and great taste, but if they’re good tunes I’m happy to take them.

Who are the artists you never stop listening to?

Actually, there are many artists, but the first ones I can list are; Serge Gainsbourg, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, The Ronettes, Jorge Ben Jor, Harry Nilsson, Marvin Gaye.

Cosmic Crooner

You said in an interview: ‘A scene in a movie can make you feel emotional, just like the melody of a song.’ And when I listen to you, I feel like I’m in a movie independent of your clips. What would you like to tell us about your clips?

I love cinema very much and I am seriously interested in cinema. I direct all my clips myself. Jean Luc Godard, Agnes Varda, Michelangelo Antonioni and Jean-Pierre Melville are among my favorite directors. I mostly prefer Italian and French films of the 60s and 70s. All of my clips were shot entirely on 16mm film. I really liked everything I captured in my clips, and I also liked that film stock puts limits on what you can shoot.

In a period when everyone imitates everyone else, should you continue with the same voice and create a personality, or should you go to new points that no one has discovered yet? What is your plan for the future?

My plan is not to imitate anyone hahaha. I’ve already written my second album and can’t wait to share it with the world. I think it will be the best I’ve ever written.

According to Spotify, the country you listen to the most is Türkiye. Why do you think the Turks loved you so much?

Believe me, I really don’t know either and I thought about this too. I think Turkish people have exquisite taste. This interest makes me very happy.

Finally, let’s talk about the Istanbul concert. How did you find our city and the audience?

I think I fell in love with the Turkish people and Istanbul. I loved every moment I spent in Turkey. I can’t wait to come back.

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