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New Album From Özgür Aydın: Picnic on the Moon

Özgür Aydın released his last album, Picnic on the Moon, with the label On Air Müzik, as in his previous works.

Özgür Aydın’s new album “Picnic on the Moon”, which especially blues music lovers closely follow, is in Blues and soft progressive rock genre and is the musician’s fourth album. Mert Alkaya (Bulutsuzluk Özlemi) on drums and Cüneyt Özyurt on bass guitar accompanied the artist in the recordings.

This album tells about the artist’s dreams and thoughts about the future of our planet. All works and arrangements belong to the artist in this album, where the loves in ancient Greek mythology, possible future nuclear wars and modern stories of our age are told.

Özgür Aydın for Taurus and Europa, one of the featured songs in the album, said, “Love is almighty.” He comments.

Taurus and Europa is about the transformation of the god Zeus into a white bull (Constellation-Taurus) as described in Greek mythology and his love for the Phoenician Princess Europa. After Europa sees the bull and is impressed, she jumps on Taurus’s back and swims the Mediterranean to the island of Crete, and the song ends.

You can listen to the album consisting of 7 songs on digital platforms.

ÖZGÜR AYDIN ​​Information:

He was born in 1977 in Iskenderun. He was interested in Physics and Mathematics during his school years. His interest in music and guitar started in his secondary education years. After his high school education, he worked in shops selling CDs, records and cassettes. These experiences turned his interest in music into a great passion.

He enrolled in the Physics department in Eskişehir in 1999 and worked as a program producer and archive manager at the university radio during his undergraduate education, and also performed numerous performances as a guitarist in many music groups. He continued his academic education by completing his master’s degree in Physics and he is still continuing his physics doctorate education.

In 2015, he settled in Antalya and established his own home studio called “Supernova Music Lab”. He released his first album named “Mystic Blues” in July 2017 with the label On Air Music. And then, he released his albums, “12th Street” in May 2018, “Sad Robot” in July 2019, and finally “Picnic on the Moon”, again on the label of On Air Music.

The musician, who performed the instrument recordings and performances in his albums, also performed the Mixing and Mastering operations himself.

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