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New Group Exhibition From The Arter Collection, “Precaution” Has Opened At Arter

Conceived around the relationships between the artist, the art institution, the artwork, and the viewer, Precaution focuses on practices of art production, preservation, and exhibition through the works selected from the Arter Collection. Curated by Emre Baykal, the exhibition is on view at Arter, Istanbul until 20 February 2022. 

The exhibition titled Precaution features 13 works by 11 artists in the Arter Collection. Bringing together the works of Hamra Abbas, Halil Altındere, Rogelio López Cuenca, Burak Delier, Lamia Joreige, Ali Kazma, Alicja Kwade, Serkan Özkaya, Walid Raad, Canan Tolon and Nasan Tur, the exhibition explores the preparation and negotiation processes the audience rarely witnesses; the power dynamics shaped by cultural, ideological, hierarchical, and economic contexts; as well as the weaknesses, sensitivities, fragilities particular to the field of art. 

Canan Tolon – Precaution 2011 [2021] Installation, Courtesy of the artist
Exhibition view: Precaution, 2021 Photo: flufoto

Presented at a time when the pace of daily life, our social relations, our modes of work, the distances between us and the world have changed, our range of movement has been limited and even our physical appearance has been masked, Precaution takes its name from Canan Tolon’s work in the exhibition and draws inspiration from the word “precaution,” heard and used so frequently across different contexts including economy, security, energy, and especially, public health today. “Global anxiety” has completely taken every aspect of life hostage, and its effects have disrupted art and art institutions’ working modes, accessibility policies and communication practices. Faced with ever-changing “new normals”, art has been forced to seek out not only precautions for sustainability, but also new ways and mediums for experience, different communication strategies, and alternative infrastructural and financial solutions. 

Canan Tolon – Loss 1988–2010, Installation with various damaged works, Arter Collection
Exhibition view: Precaution, 2021 Photo: flufoto

Given their dates and the issues they problematise, the works featured in this collection-based exhibition might not make direct reference to the problems and concepts brought about by the conditions of the pandemic, yet they will still be experienced according to the rules and limitations mandated and specified by these conditions. By way of the relationships they forge with one another and with the institutional space where they are temporarily exhibited, they will encourage us to reconsider not just the meaning of precaution, which has permeated into our everyday language and reshaped our lifestyles, but also many other concepts and phenomena that define the arena of contemporary art today: relations of production in the art and business worlds, hierarchical and bureaucratic systems, conflicts/conjunctures between the personal and the institutional, communication and negotiation, inclusion and exclusion, blockbuster exhibitions and queuing crowds, publicity, the value of the artwork, intellectual property rights, methods of preservation and conservation, security, construction and destruction, social distancing, and masks…

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Halil Altındere – Guard 2012, Wax sculpture, 120 x 40 x 30 cm, Arter Collection
Exhibition view: Precaution, 2021 Photo: flufoto

Exhibition Guide

Emre Baykal (1965, Istanbul) received his undergraduate degree from the department of English Language and Literature at Boğaziçi University. He worked as Associate Director (1995–2000) and Director (2000–2005) of the Istanbul Biennial and as Exhibitions Director at santralistanbul (2005–2008). In 2008, he joined Arter’s team as Exhibitions Director and Curator. Appointed as the curator of the Turkish Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013, he has been serving as Chief Curator of Arter since 2016. 

Baykal curated the exhibitions Ayşe Erkmen (Whitish, 2019–2020), What Time Is It? (with Eda Berkmen; 2019–2020), Ali Kazma (timemaker, 2015), Füsun Onur (Through the Looking Glass, 2014), Volkan Aslan (Don’t Forget to Remember, 2013), Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment (2013), Mona Hatoum (You Are Still Here, 2012), Deniz Gül (5 Person Bufet, 2011), Second Exhibition (2010–2011), Tactics of Invisibility (with Daniela Zyman; 2010–2011) as part of Arter’s exhibition programme and contributed to various publications.

Arter welcomes visitors from 11 am to 5 pm between Tuesday and Saturday with the necessary health and safety measures in place. With the support of our Corporate Sponsor Tüpraş, admission to Arter exhibitions is free for all visitors on Thursdays; Arter Together members and visitors under 24 also receive free admission to exhibitions at all times. Arter Library, Arter Bookstore, Bistro by Divan, the backyard, and the exhibition at Gallery 0 welcome visitors free of charge anytime during visiting hours. With the kind support of our Transportation Sponsors Ford Otosan and Otokar, free shuttle service is available from Taksim and Tepebaşı. Arter shuttles continue to operate at a 50% seating capacity to comply with social distancing measures.

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