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A Short Film by Perde Sanat Tiyatrosu: Where to?

Perde Sanat Tiyatrosu, an Ankara-based theater company, is preparing for national and international festivals with their short film called “Where to?”. Based on a true event, the short film is about the death of 42 refugees in a truck accident on the Gaziantep-Osmaniye highway in 2006, and it tells about their journey to hope.

The shooting of the film, which tells about the last hours of the journey by boat on the Aegean coast of forty illegal immigrants who set out to go to Europe in a closed truck bed, took place at Fade Stage Coffee in Ankara, while the truck scenes were shot on the plateau set up in the theater stage.

Hüseyin Alp Tahmaz is the scriptwriter of the film, which will take place in festivals in Turkey and abroad.

PST actors have returned from national and international festivals with 10 awards so far with the short film “War Crime” in February 2021.

Script and Dialogue Writer’s Remark: Hüseyin Alp TAHMAZ

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are forced to leave the lands where they were born and migrate to places where they hope to reach prosperity and peace, due to reasons such as economic troubles, war, terrorism, and adventure seeking. This migration does not always happen legally.

The stories of illegal immigrants, which we often see in newspapers and on television, are an international problem. The script was written in order to raise awareness on the subject.

Director’s Remark: Gürsel ATEŞ

There are an estimated 360 million people in the world who live in constant displacement, much more than the population of many countries. They are deprived of education, health, security and all kinds of opportunities that make people human… They mostly pay the price of their lives they lead in hunger and misery… So what for; As we all know, a new way of life that emerges by saying “journey for hope” because the fires caused by global interests and global politics make it impossible to live in their own land… If they survive…

In our film, which was written by our scriptwriter Hüseyin Alp Tahmaz based on a real event, we took a section of the lives between life and death right at this point. Our characters, who have different stories, have different nationalities and different backgrounds, but their common point is the journey of hope they embarked on. In this journey, they are not sure how long it will last and where they will arrive, in a pickup truck that is not even 6 square meters. In their dreams, the destination of all of them is clear in the fearful journey that passes without air and water. They share their dreams, they talk, and they get to know each other… They even say that they will reunite and meet again in the new life they plan to establish in their destination, reinforcing their friendship, and laughingly remembering these “painful days”… But… But, where to, where and how?


After picking up the last part of its passengers from Istanbul, a truck with a closed bed, which has departed from the eastern border, is on its way to the Menderes District of Izmir with its 40 passengers. The journey will then continue by boat to the Greek islands, and from there to Italy, the final destination for some passengers is England.

At the center of the story is the journey made in the truck bed. Throughout the journey, we witness the stories of a few of the forty passengers who stood out. And then there is an Afghan refugee, whose words were never understood until the last moment.

The main elements of the film are their lives before they set out, their reasons for leaving, and their dreams about the countries they hope to reach.

The story ends with the truck driver hitting another truck parked on the side of the road at dawn, just before the end of the journey. Forty illegal immigrants and the driver die. We learn from the news that the majority of those who died had already died of suffocation before the traffic accident.

The camera fixes the attention on the truck to witness the final hours of their journey in the truck bed, in the dark and claustrophobic atmosphere.


Caner Karadağ
İbrahim Sevinç
Orhan Ay
Demirel Işık
Jeelan Aburub
Miharidina Ramiadamanana
Gürol Salman
Sezai Yeşilyurt
Mehmet Ali Çetintaş
Mariama Djelo Sow
Muniratu Mohammed
Erdeniz Altın
Rüveyda Büyüktelli
Gökhan Ay
Arda Uçar

Film Crew:

Producer: Perde Sanat Production
Gürsel Ateş

Camera : Bilal Nadir Bektaş

Sound / Boom Operator: Mertkan Kayabaş

Gaffer: Sezai Yeşilyurt
Taha Emre Yılmaz

Colorist: Emirhan Bal

Sound Mix: Taha Emre Yılmaz

Technical Production: Mootlak Film Tasarım

Subtitles: Umut Görkem Demir & Hayri Çölaşan

Set Photographers: Canan Dönmez – Burcu Topağaç – Mehmet izdeş – Ali Ulvi Baycan

Costume and Make-Up Artist: Azin Mokhtari

Transportation: Abdullah Beyaztaş

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