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Interview with Artist Eduardo Messo

We had an interview with the Angolan artist Eduardo Messo, who lives in Zurich, on his art life.

–Hi Eduardo. We would like to get to know you. Can you tell us about yourself?

Hello Pleasure,

My name is Eduardo Messo, I am an Angolan artist and I live in Switzerland in the city of Zürich.

–When and how did you start painting?

I started drawing since I was a child, but nothing serious, and about painting was at the end of 2018 in quarantine phase with covid, I painted a canvas and offered it to my wife and that’s where my adventure in the world of colours began.

–Can you tell us about your work and, what inspires you when painting?

I like to paint faces and more feminine faces but I also do abstract paintings, the abstract is a field that I like to explore with music, depending on the moment or emotional state, the abstract painting makes me travel with the colours and textures on canvas, and in the figurative I always do representativeness with many themes about Africa and its spirituality in itself, but as an artist I am not only stuck to African themes, I like to explore the diversity of the art world.

–What do you do besides painting?

Besides painting, I work as an assembly technician.

–Do you have any projects that you plan to realize?

Yes, I was able to do some of them last year, like participating in the Carrousel du Louve in Paris, and this year I have my first solo vernissage to be done in July.

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