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Interview with Famous Italian Composer and Pianist KIANN on Bellapais Music Festival Closing Concert

Iranian-born Italian contemporary pianist and composer KIANN, who inspires the audience with their originality and simplicity in their melodies, and has melodies that everyone finds something of themselves and internalizes, will perform the closing concert of the 24th North Cyprus international Bellapais Music Festival. We had a nice interview with the famous artist about the festival.

You are composer and a pianist. Can you tell us about your Music.

I see my music as Contemporary Classical with elements of modern music. It’s very versatile and strolls from genre to genre. I combine different styles in my arrangements and I believe that I have reached the point, where I have developed my own sound. It’s a music that always comes from the heart, it’s a honest music and thus it can easily connect to audience, no matter who is listening and how educated one’s ears are.

Each and every song that I write is based on a composition that I do on the piano. It then evolves and will be developed to be the song that you hear. Each song has a destiny if you ask me and somehow the piece shows me in which direction it tends to go and what the style will.

You met with the Turkish audience for the first time at Izmir and Ankara concerts last November, then after two wonderful concerts in Istanbul, you are now attending the closing concert of Bellapais in Cyprus. Can you tell us about your success and your feelings?

Success is not money nor fame. Success is defined by each and every individual in a different way. To me, it’s about the honest connection between my music and the listeners. It’s about the hope and love that people find within my music. Success is the proud feeling, when you heal someones’ broken heart or trauma with your art.

The relation between me and the turkish audience, has been love at first sight. I was able to connect to them from the first second and I felt so welcomed from the very first day I came to Turkey. That is also thank to my management in Turkey.

When I perform in Turkey, I feel what they feel and they feel what I meant in my songs. It’s a very empathic and warm hearted audience and that is why I always have butterfly when I perform in Turkey. I’m sure Cyprus will be very similar and I look forward to meet the lovely people there and to introduce my music to them.

What awaits us at the Bellapais closing concert? You always use Cello for your unique music, but this time we heard that different vocal songs will be performed at the concert. Can you tell us a little bit about the program?

The program will be very versatile. We will have piano solos, Duet with Piano and Cello, an Italian Aria from me in form of a Duet with the Mezzo Soprano, there will be songs for the Ensemble and two very special vocal songs that I performed at the Opera House in Cairo earlier this year for the first time. I love to surprise the audience as I personally tend to love exciting performances, and it is going to be a surprising program.

Can you give us some hints about your new projects and future concert plans?

I have the feeling, that I need more than 24 hours a day to catch up with all plans and all projects that I am developing. At the moment I am working on my orchestral project. It would be the first time that I perform my compositions with an orchestra. I am writing new music and recording at the studio. My first ever production in Arabic will be released this month. I will be performing in Cyprus, in Istanbul, Ankara. Concerts are being planned for Bursa, Antalya, Thessaloniki, Vienna and Sarajewo. There will be a film project in the near future and these are only part of the plans. Stay tuned and I will be happy to meet you all one day, on or off stage.

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