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Interview with Greek singer Iris Moutous

Hi Iris. We are following your music career from Turkey. You are very successful with you voice and talent. Could you please tell us about yourself? Who is Iris Moutous?

Hello! First of all thank you for the interview. So it is me, Iris. I grew up in Greece mostly in Athens until I was nineteen years old. After that I went to Thessaloniki to study in the University of Mass Media.

As you can see, music managed to be a big part of my life…

You have a pretty long and a colorful music journey. How did it start?

My music journey began five or six years ago when I first took the microphone and sang in front of an audience in a very small “TAVERN” as we call it here in Greece ( small traditional Greek restaurant). We were just eating and having fun with friends and family and then just a song… Truly accidentally I had the chance to meet a person really important for me that night. It was the man who was playing bouzouki”.

The one who made me start my journey!

I got my first job with him in an island called Thassos. We had performances every weekend!

That is when I got so much love from the audience so that I got more passionate than ever with this job even if I never saw it as a job.

It is my passion.

Three years after my performances in the island, I made a step further towards the Voice of Greece.

You have a huge group of fans thanks to Voice of Greece. Can you tell us about that? How did you apply and how did it go?

Although many years ago I was asked to compete in talent shows like the Voice of Greece, I never did.

But last year I decided to take part.

I will be honest with you that I always wanted this since I was a child. So I did it!

My parents and all my friends were my biggest supporters.

It was a great experience. After the contest a lot of people showed me love and admiration. The feeling is unexplainable.

As far as we know, you have a life full of music and art but somehow you don’t have your album yet. Can you tell us about your projects?

I got a lot of project proposals but as you know the pandemic didn’t help out a lot in the music industry.

Now that things seem to go better, I already started performing again and I hope the project we have in mind with me and my partners will come out soon!

Which musicians and singers inspired you the most in your music journey?

Some of the artists who inspired me the most are Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. At the same time the Greek singers like HARIS ALEXIOU make me feel the the songs and give me chills whenever I listen to them.

Being a pretty successful musician and singer yourself, what is your dream in the long run?

Being on stage. Also I have to tell you that when I was going out with my friends and there was light music, I always got interested in watching the musicians perform than having fun. I was interested in seeing and feeling how it was to be on stage.

I always want to continue performing on stage and sending out my soul…

We know that you took place in some music organizations in Turkey. When will we see you in Turkey again?

Yes, I had participated in the music organisation in Turkey. It has been a long time and I hope really soon I perform again. I really miss Turkey and all the energy I got from there. Most of the people we had in the island while I was performing were from Turkey.

I hope we will meet in Turkey in a very beautiful and nice musical night together soon.

We thank you so much for your time, Iris.

We wish you the most success in your music career.

Thank you

Resul Şahin

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