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Interview with Theater Actor Caner Karadağ

We asked Caner Karadağ, one of the founders of the Curtain Art Theater, what we were wondering about the theater life.

–Hello, Mr. Caner. Can you tell us about yourself?

I was born in 1991 in Ankara. I started the theater in 2006 with the drama education he received at the Metropolitan Theatre. In 2009, I continued my theater education with Müjdat Gezen art center. I graduated from Sadri Alışık art center in 2011. I worked at the State Theaters for 5 seasons. I acted in plays such as Shakespeare Trouble, Karbala, Last Birds in state theaters. I took part in many theater plays, including private theaters. In 2010, I took part in commercials, TV series and movies. I worked on projects such as Behzat Ç., Forget Me Not, Forgive, Starfish, Impact, Fatih Sultan Mehmet documentary. I studied Drama at Play Academy and Theater, Istanbul University, Selcuk University and Adnan Menderes University. I am currently working as a drama teacher in a private college.

İstibtad kumpayası, Samuel Efendi – Photo: Berke Topuz

–When and how did you get into theater?

At a young age, I was always watching our masters, who had great efforts in Turkish theater, and I was trying to understand what theater was. I started playing end-of-term plays during my middle school years. I started taking drama education at the age of 13. After high school, I joined the school drama club and we were participating in inter-schools drama competitions. That’s how my adventure started, then I studied theater. It seems that it will be my profession in the coming years.

–You are the director of the play called “Istibdat Kumpanyası” and you play a role in the play. Can you briefly talk about the game and the character we play?

İstibdat Kumpanyası is a mix of traditional Turkish theater and modern theater. We watch sweet harmony of both types of theater. It is a fun play, but it is a masterfully written work as well. It was a very fun play to direct, but also a difficult one. I play the character of Samuel in the play. He came from France, his mother is Turkish and his father is a French. He has a kind and naive character. A character forcibly pushed from a modern structure into an interesting theater troupe. I play with fun and love.

Caner Karadağ – Photo: Berke Topuz

–Can you talk about the rehearsals and the preparation process for the role?

Our rehearsals started with a reading rehearsal, as all theaters do. We tried more than one person for a character and had that role read, then the roles were distributed, memorized, and we went on stage. Mise-en-scene were given and the job was left to the fine details. Not only the director but also the actors have a great effort in bringing the play to this point. Because they also added very good things to the play based on their own experiences. I couldn’t work hard for my role because I was directing the play from outside at the same time, but as we played many times, my role settled down and it’s going well now.

Savaş Suçu. Short film – Photo: Tamer Akçay

–What are you interested in outside of your theater life? What are your hobbies?

Apart from theatre, I teach drama at a private school and at an art school. I love horse riding. I like camping. This is how I usually spend my time.

–Finally, what do they share with theater lovers?

The theater can be played even if there is no stage, decor or costume. But without the actor and the audience, it cannot be played. We are an inseparable duo. Do not leave us alone. Private theaters struggle under difficult conditions, there is no government support. Maybe private theaters spend 1 year on a costume budget of state institutions. So long live private theaters!

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