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Legendary Actor Announces Retirement

Sir Michael Caine, one of England’s most successful and famous players, announced his retirement.

88-year-old experienced and successful actor Sir Michael Caine has announced that he has decided to quit acting. The Oscar-winning actor, who told BBC Radio that he ended his career with the movie Best Sellers, said, “The pain in my spine and the loss of strength in my legs are pushing me.” But Caine also announced that he would continue his storytelling in different ways.

Caine said, “I am no longer an actor, I am a writer. The nice thing about this job is that when you become an actor, you have to get up at 6.30 in the morning and go to the studio. But as a writer, you can do your job without even getting out of bed.”

Caine said, “Frankly, I haven’t been getting offers for the last two years because no one is making movies that I want. “Scenarios starring an 88-year-old man are not written,” he said.


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