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New Exhibition “e/a” at Den Art Gallery

den art’s summer exhibition in Antalya presents a new mixed show called e/a based on different print techniques curated by artist Baran Kurtoğlu. The 11 artists in the show have contributed with various traditional print techniques and experimental new ways of reproducing a single image. 

Among them are artist Hüseyin Turan’s 4 works of ‘Micro landscapes with Geological Implications’ are studies of found fabrics of lichen that are left on  geological formations where micro landscapes generate onto the fabric forming patterns and natural formations. 

Damla Bakır, Mushroom Paper, 18×26 cm, January 2022, Spore Print and Alphabet Stamps with Gouache on Handmade Mushroom Paper

Pınar Yün has contributed with artworks where “the artist internalizes the unmerciful, honest and provoking approach of dark humor in her artistic practice. She expresses the struggles of women of today who still strive in “private spaces” of the domesticity in the context of  gender issues”.

Damla Bakır experiments with mushroom prints on handmade mushroom paper, “This paper is made from six different species of wild mushrooms that grow on the pine forest floor of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, during a two week window in Autumn.

Horasan, isimsiz, 2004, 47x62cm, 2004, Litografi

Spore prints help us identify the mushroom’s species and they are also the key ingredients to cultivating them. From one well preserved spore print you can cultivate an unlimited amount of the same species of mushroom”.

e/a can been at den art until 05.08.2022

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