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New song from Efe Dikmen: Kaçsam

Efe Dikmen’s new single “Kaçsam” was released on OnAir Sahne.

Efe Dikmen is a musician who took a break from his music career, which he started in high school and continued at the university, after his professional life stepped in after graduation. But the first song of Efe Dikmen’s music career, which he returned after 10 years, was the song “Git”, which reached music lovers again with the OnAir Sahne label, as if saying, “Music does not leave the musician, sometimes it waits for the conditions to be in its favour”.

“KAÇSAM” started with Efe Dikmen’s own inner journey and almost translated into a mood that encompasses everyone who listens. The musician tells the story of the song as follows:

“I’ve been extremely bored for too long. This song actually came out with the tiredness that the same cycle gave me. Last year it was scribbled in a notebook in text form, and recently when I was designing the lyrics, I tried to pay attention to the evocation of many subjects. For some it may represent love, for others it may represent loneliness. But for me, it is past.”

The arrangement of “Kaçsam”, whose lyrics and composition belongs to Efe Dikmen, was made by Kaan Alptekin, who is well-known in the music world.

You can listen to “Kaçsam” on digital platforms.

About Efe Dikmen:

He was born on May 12, 1989 in Aydın.

He started playing the guitar in search of a hobby at the beginning of high school. At that time, he worked as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist in his first band Nev-i Şahına Münhasır. After taking many performances in Aydın, he could not make a new project with his old band due to university. The groups he was involved in during his university period in Izmir did not last long either.

After taking a break from music for 10 years due to business life, “Git”, which they played on stage with NŞM, was released as a solo on OnAir Sahne label as of December 1, 2020.

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