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Okan Oganer has released his new work “Yarın Son Deme” with OnAir Sahne label

Okan Oganer, an educational sound engineer, has been continuing his project to publish his songs, which he started with the song he donated to the Olta series, with his solo projects recently.

“Yarın Son Deme” is one of the songs that went through a long preparation phase and worked hard on it. Details about the creation of the song, moments about the visual and clip shooting were also shared with music lovers from time to time on social media.

The music video for the song, written and composed by Okan Oganer, completes the spirit of the music. The clip is the story of a woman with no tomorrow and a man who wants to stay in the present…

The film was produced by the Filmupcreative team and directed by Evren Gülcemal.

The photographic works of the work are signed by academician photographer Alahattin Kanlıoğlu, who has represented our country in the international arena.

The cover work of “Yarın Son Deme” was done by illustrator Mikail Erdem Biçici, who attracted attention with his successful works at a young age.

You can reach Okan Oganer’s latest work, “Yarın Son Deme” on all digital platforms and its clip on OnAir Sahne YouTube channel.

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