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Renowned  Photographer Renate Graf “Eye Opener” Photographs Exhibits In Istanbul

Renowned Photographer Renate Graf exhibition “Travel in time and along the Silk Road” was opened by the Austrian Culture Office & Institut Français Istanbul collaboration well as the embassies of Austria  & France in Istanbul on last Monday.

This remarkable exhibition is being curated by famous Brazilian French curator Nicolas Martin Ferreira.

Renate Graf – Consul général de France à Istanbul Olivier Gauvin – Nicolas Martin Ferreira

Art Enthusiasts will be able to visit the exhibition for two months at Austrian Culture Office & Institut Français Istanbul exhibition halls as well as Muse Contemporary Art Gallery. The exhibition presents a series of large-format black and white photographs and photographic projections from Graf’s travels on the Silk Road through Central Asia and as far as Turkey, from 1993 until 2021. Graf is inviting visitors to discover the path of history around the Silk Road. The exhibition includes shots from different points of Asia, such as the Himalayan Mountains or historic Uzbek city of Samarkand

Christian Schnell – Silvia Neurieter

Graf also brings visitors face to face with the struggle of climate change and environmental transformation, using the power of her photographs.

Nicolas Martin Ferreira – Renate Graf – Osman Enfiyecizade

This exhibition invites visitors to travel with the help of time, space, places of life and landscapes to question the “immutable” and calls on the governments and people of Turkey, Austria, France and other countries to act together against climate change.

Olivier Gauvin – Renate Graf

It’s an exhibition from the cadre of Renate Graf, a committed activist who sets out from this sacred but draws attention to global warming, in which she confronts people with climate struggle and environmental change, drawing attention to this issue with conscience-evoking depth. The exhibition completes a major theme of environmental pollution and global warming, with numerous large-format photographs as well as projection screenings where the melting of glaciers can be monitored.

Nicolas Martin Ferreira – Christian Schnell

Graf stated that “ I was 25 years old when my great three and a half months adventure started in 1993  from China, going through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India and all the way back to Anatolia. I felt like the explorers of the 19th century.

Renate Graf – Nicolas Martin Ferreira




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