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Rugül Serbest is at Mixer with his solo exhibition titled “In My Forest”

Rugül Serbest seeks ways to re-experience herself, her body, and her inner world by impersonating “someone else” through her paintings. Serbest, who dreams of the possibility of a new world on her canvases, is preparing to meet the audience at Mixer with her painting works alongside canvases in her solo exhibition titled In My Forest.

In My Forest exhibition focuses on the artist’s story of searching for a place in the outside world by completely getting rid of the interiors she has been painting for a long time. Rugül Serbest explains this situation, “I question what it means to be in the world. The world is not a place or a place. “Nature is inside,” says Cezanne. As much as I am in this world, the world is within me, in the breath I take.” She invites the audience to the world she has created. Landscapes adorned with water, soil, trees, and flowers in the universe that Rugül Serbest dreams out of the window she opens in her inner world turn into landscapes in a clear and straightforward style, which are sometimes reborn and sometimes living with their mortal reality.

Rugül Serbest, the breath of the world, oil on canvas, 60 x70 cm, 2021

What is it like to be someone else? What is it like to be in nature? What is it like to feel like a plant? Based on these questions, she wishes to be able to look at herself again through the eyes of another. In My Forest exhibition mediates this desire of the artist. The artist explains the relationship between her actual body and the bodies she paints: “Everything in the world is in everything. Everything is mixed with everything. I want to join this world too. In this world that I exist in, I want to go through everything, to take on all kinds of forms and images (and return to myself). I want to go deep into the soil with my roots and mingle with that mysterious source of life”.

The exhibition of In My Forest, which will take place in the Mixer main gallery space, can be viewed between 27th November 2021 – 8th January 2022.

Rugül Serbest | Kendimin Ormanında || Rugül Serbest | In My Forest

27th November 2021- 8th January 2022

Opening: Saturday 27th November

Hours: 5pm – 8pm

Adress: Mixer, Mumhane Street Number:50, Floor-1., Karaköy Istanbul

Tel: 0212 243 54 43

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