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“SAYA’s Voice” at IGA Istanbul Airport!

IGA Istanbul Airport, the most important global transfer center in the world, has passed another very important threshold on its way to becoming a universal art center with IGART. The “SAYA’s Voice” work by Betül Kotil, the winner of the IGART Art Projects Competition, which opens up space for young artists and puts the youth at the center of art and production, met with its visitors at IGA Istanbul Airport. For the first time in Turkey, such a large public space has embraced the creative world of young artists.

221 projects participated in the first of the IGART Art Projects Contests series, which aims to bring together the cultural memory of Anatolia with the identity of Istanbul blended with culture and art, with different cultures. The IGART Art Projects Competition, which has been awarded 1 million TL, the largest amount awarded in Turkey to date, will also be an important reference for other projects to be carried out in the public sphere in our country. “SAYA’s Voice”, which includes 1923 bells dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic, awaits its visitors under the Viaduct at the IGA Istanbul Airport metro exit area.

İGA CEO Kadri Samsunlu, as the most important global transfer center of the region; He stated that they took an important step in terms of culture and art activities by implementing IGART in line with its mission to build bridges between countries, societies and cultures. Samsunlu stated that, together with İGART, they will implement project competitions in 16 different locations after this competition and they will make these competitions sustainable. Samsunlu continued his words as follows: “We host thousands of people at our airport every day and we care about turning these visits into an experience. With İGART, we are happy to present this experience to our guests with text, photographs and videos as a gift. We always emphasize that IGA Istanbul Airport is Turkey’s gateway to the world. Today, we can also say that IGA Istanbul Airport is now Turkey’s gateway to the world in terms of culture and art… “SAYA’s Voice” will reach the whole world from Istanbul as of today.”

Chairman of the IGART Executive Board Prof. Hüsamettin KOÇAN said that IGART Art Projects Competitions are a project to open a space for young people with the specifications, evaluation criteria, application and amount of the award. KOÇAN also pointed out that such a competition will take place in the history of Turkish contemporary art and that it is an event that will shed light on the period it has been in over the years. “İGART Art Projects Competition has a structure that opens up space for young people, emphasizes participation and diversity. The selections made among the projects submitted to our competition were made by our board, which was formed by experienced and experts in the field of art, who treats everyone equally. It should be underlined that the competition model is in a structure that cares about the artist’s propositional forms. Among the projects that were communicated to us and where diversity was dominant, our jury unanimously listened to the “SAYA’s Voice”. One of the reasons we decided on “Saya’s Voice” was the aesthetic relationship the project established with the volume of the space and the relationship it revealed as a part of the architecture.”

Betül Kotil, the owner of the work, expressed her feelings, “Saya’s Voice was a project that I had in mind for a long time, but was looking for its place. Thanks to İGA Istanbul Airport and İGART, she found the place she was looking for. When I learned that I had won the competition, I said that Saya was a voice from us. I am very happy to be able to announce the Saya’s Voice to our visitors in this area today.”

Executive Board Members:

Prof. Hüsamettin KOÇAN

Prof. Gülveli KAYA

Prof. Marcus GRAF




Mehmet Ali GÜVELİ

Seyhun TOPUZ

Seçkin PİRİM

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