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The drawing he bought for 30 dollars, the Albrecht Dürer painting is out!

A person in the USA bought a painting for $30 during a real estate sale. The painting turned out to be a Renaissance piece worth millions of dollars. Experts think that the painting “The Virgin Mary and Her Child” belongs to the famous German painter Albrecht Dürer.

In 2016, a man in Massachusetts, USA, bought a fake necklace for $1 and a small drawing of “The Virgin Mary and Her Child” for $30 during a real estate sale. According to the news of Euronews; In the panel of experts at the British Museum in London, it was stated that the work was an Albrecht Dürer work made in 1471.

Described as one of the most extraordinary discoveries of Renaissance art in recent years, the drawing is thought to be worth millions of dollars. According to the New York Times, it was revealed that the picture was Dürer’s work as a result of the efforts of an art dealer. Clifford Schorer, an entrepreneur from Boston, said he paid the person an advance of $100,000 to sell the drawing in 2019.

Entrepreneur Clifford Schorer went to 14 cities worldwide to seek expert advice to investigate whether the work was fake. Schorer showed the drawing to Jane McAusland, a consultant to museums and auction houses in England. McAusland said that the picture was first stained with tea or coffee to make it look antique; however, at the end of her research, she decided that the only trident watermark found in Albrecht Dürer’s drawings was in the painting.

According to Christof Metzger, Dürer expert on the panel of experts who validated the drawing, only Dürer’s workshop had access to this paper, bearing Fugger’s signature watermark. Metzger, the chief curator of the Albertina Museum in Vienna, noted that clues such as paper, pencil strokes, and the Virgin Mary style show that the work is not fake.

Saying that only 24 Dürer works remain in private collections, Metzger said, “This is what makes the newly discovered drawing so special.”

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