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The Mayor of New York City declared May 31st as Ellsworth Kelly Day

New York City Mayor Eric Adams officially declared May 31st as Ellsworth Kelly Day. Mayor Eric Adams announced “Ellsworth Kelly Day” to honor the artist Ellsworth Kelly. With events taking place on June 1st, Kelly’s artistic legacy and contributions will be celebrated. Kelly, one of the important figures of abstract expressionism, is known for his colorful, geometric forms. Adams emphasized Kelly’s contributions to New York City’s cultural and artistic fabric, stating that his works and inspirational art have left a lasting legacy in the city.

Ellsworth Kelly is one of the leading American artists of the 20th century. His works are influenced by movements such as minimalism, color field, and abstract expressionism. Kelly often creates his works using simple geometric shapes, sharp lines, and vibrant colors. His artworks explore a pure and elegant expression of nature, shapes, and colors.

Eric Adams highlighted the significance of Kelly’s artistic legacy for New York City. He emphasized that Kelly started working in New York in the 1950s and made a significant contribution to the city. Therefore, as the Mayor of New York, he declared “Ellsworth Kelly Day” to celebrate Kelly’s memory and artistic impact.

The activities of Ellsworth Kelly Day will include special exhibitions showcasing Kelly’s artworks, workshops, and art events. Additionally, there will be opportunities for art enthusiasts and visitors to explore Kelly’s works and experience his artistic vision.

Ellsworth Kelly Day will be an important event for art lovers and the art community in New York. This event will contribute to the preservation of Kelly’s art and legacy for future generations and aim to celebrate the artistic richness of New York.


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