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Yulia Alizade: ‘Women in the World’ Project is over. This was a big project about women’s power.

The ‘Women in the World’ project, initiated three years ago by Turkish independent Painter, Designer and Film director Yulia Alizade, was officially completed in March 2022.

Yulia Alizade is a Turkish artist originally of Azerbaijani, grew up in Istanbul. The artist, who got education abroad and in Türkiye, represents Türkiye at international festivals and exhibitions.

What was the main purpose of this project, Ms. Yulia?

Y.A.: In the period we live in, women are fighting for their rights in their countries. In some places this struggle has been successful and in others it is on its way to success. Also, in retrospect, while woman has the power to give birth for new life, woman still somehow struggles to get people’s basic rights. This is actually very interesting. I think I tried to make women believe a little more in their own self-confidence and character. There is a quote as ‘Man is the head, woman is the neck’, so I wanted to make attention to where our neck is turned.

On the sea side

Can we say that you decided to create the ‘Women in the World’ series after you showed your painting ‘On the sea side’ in your special exhibition in Istanbul in 2019?

Y.A.: Yes. Inspiration was needed to start this project. One day while I was in Alanya, I went to the beach and saw two women. They were very stylish dressed and looked so happy. I had a pen with me. I started sketching right away. Thus, I can say that I started the ‘Woman in the World’ series with the painting ‘On the sea side’.

Three years ago, you said, ‘New paintings will be purely psychological’. Firstly you thought about ‘Woman in the World’ as just only a series of paintings?

Y.A.: I want to meet people with their feelings and their own mental world. Canvas or film is enough for me. Therefore, after I started to create my paintings as a series of paintings, the work turned into a big project.

In 2021, you become the first woman in Türkiye who did a record by driving motor for 1000 km alone within the scope of the “Women in the World” project. What did you intend to show doing this?

Y.A.: My main goal was to show the miraculous power of women by saying, “Women can do anything”. In the hot weather, I was not afraid to be alone on the road, but I had difficulties in some parts of my road. Thinking about how beautiful nature we have in our country, I continued on my way and did my record.

Could you tell us about the short film you shot as part of the ‘Women in the World’ project?

Y.A.:  This movie received awards in many countries. ‘Sevil’ is an animated short film, is one of the most beautiful projects I have realized as a director. ‘Sevil’s meaning is to be loved by someone and also this is a woman first name. Setting off with the slogan “Beauty is from you”, it was created a work that touched the hearts of both children and adults.

Where do you get inspiration for realizing such projects?

Y.A.: The things that usually inspire me are: People, Nature and Traveling. I admire how strong people are and how weak at the same time. We have neither big claws nor the ability to run fast. But our brain is very developed. This is a responsibility.

Now, in 2022 what exactly does the ‘Women in the World’ project consist of?

Y.A.: 10 paintings (oil painting: Passport, Waiting, Temptation, 21.00PM, Ilıca.Water, Freedom, In the air, Seahorse; watercolor: By the sea; crayon: Hausschuhe), animated short film ‘Sevil’ and record with ‘1000 km motor alone’. The “Woman in the World” series is officially over. I felt it inside of me. This was a big project about women’s power and the possible impact of women’s power on the whole world.

After the solo exhibition ‘Liberta’ at the end of last year, you were awarded as an independent woman painter who made a great contribution to the country. Can you talk a little bit about your recent projects?

Y.A.: I dream of bringing the ‘Women in the World’ series and related projects together with art lovers for the first time in Türkiye. We have started discussions about the area where I can do this.

Yulia Alizade:  instagram

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