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Interview with Artist Sofia Costa

We talked with Portuguese artist Sofia Costa about her art life.

–Hi Sofia. We would like to get to know you. Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi there! I’m a self-taught contemporary artist from Aveiro, Portugal. Although my academic and professional career involves applied mathematics and computing, art has never ceased to be part of my life.

My canvases are mostly in oil, realistic portraits being my greatest passion.

–When and how did you start painting?

I started painting when I was very young. Won school art competitions soon made me realize that I had a natural gift, and I could be very happy using it. Family support, mainly from my father, made me experiment with different art techniques and learn more and more about painting.

–Can you tell us about your work and, what inspires you when painting?

My work is inspired by the brightness of the human gaze, the magic, the innocence of children, and the colors of nature. My biggest goal is to convey love and positivity. Inspiring people to connect with the purest feelings of humanity and its divine nature.

When I’m painting, I enter a state of connection with myself, where time and space disappear, giving way to a feeling of ecstasy and extreme well-being.

–What do you do besides painting?

I work full time as a software tester. I love being with my family and my 3 cats, running and exercising, traveling, and enjoying nature.

–Do you have any projects that you plan to realize?

Yes. I am finishing the series of children’s portraits for my next exhibition in the summer. Next, I’m preparing new projects, but I won’t give more details for now. Stick around to see.

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