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Maxi single where piano rhythms mix with ambient style: “Shelter in the Forest”

Pianist Ali Başarır released his maxi single titled “Shelter in the Forest” with the label OnAir Sahne.

The Maxi Single includes 3 works: “Tree House, Pathway 45, Aged Pines”.

For his work, Ali Başarır says, “Life is like a forest full of darkness and surprises for all of us… Everyone needs a shelter when we walk in the unknown. ‘Shelter in the Forest’, expresses our private space in life.”

Ali Başarır briefly summarizes his works and the stories told by his compositions as follows:


‘’ A shelter in life. That’s our sweet home. Our secret space where we keep memories, experiences, what we left behind, smiles and tears. A living home that protects us from the evil of the outside.”


On this path of life, where I am in my 45th year, I am still walking on my own foggy path full of unknowns, this time stronger and more experienced.


“The stories told by those who have grown old with their experiences, who are burdened with years passed and who teach life lessons with their stories.”

You can listen to “Shelter in the Forest”, by Ali Başarır, on digital music services.
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Musician and composer Ali Başarır was born in İstanbul in 1977. Since 2010, he makes a music that we can describe as modern classical music. It is generally low tempo and not very complex, mostly minimal, and since the piano is the foreground instrument in his music, the sadness always shows itself. Inspired by life, experiences, and sometimes nature, mythology and spiritual elements, he brings to the surface the realities, dreams and definitions hidden in individual loneliness in a technological and crowded world with piano keys.

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